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About Us

K2 Solutions Group, Inc. is a full service IT Service Management solutions provider with a specialization in Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Configuration Management System (CMS) implementations. We offer both consulting services as well as training courses based on the widely adopted IT process frameworks. K2 Solutions is taking a leadership role in the advancement of sustainable service management by working with the leaders of other sustainability disciplines so as to incorporate the principles of sustainability into its service management offerings. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating these principles into the established processes so long as it is cost effective and does not negatively impact the value proposition of an initiative.

Solutions & other Offerings

K2 Solutions delivers a variety of solutions associated with the deployment of a Service Management initiative. Our founder can also be retained for speaking engagements. These tend to vary according to a clients needs so please contact us directly to discuss this offering. Our other solutions include:

  • Onsite Consulting
  • Strategy Development
  • Process Design/Re-design
  • Technology Assessment & Simplification
  • Onsite certified IT process framework Training
  • Remote delivery of certified IT process framework training
  • Training & Educational Mentoring

Client Sectors/Industries

K2 Solutions delivers services to clients in a variety of business sectors/industries such as:

  • Department of Defense
  • Financial Services
  • Education & Training Services
  • Food and Drug Retailers
  • Construction and Farm Machinery
  • Aerospace and Defense

Partners and Affiliations

Solutions: Boutique Profesional Services Firms, Global Outsourcing & Hosting Corporations, itSMF USA, Help Desk Institute, (HDI)

Education: ITSM Solutions LLC

Sustainability: Green Computing Information Organization, International Green Summit



K2 Solutions Group, Inc. is a privately held company.



The founder of K2 Solutions has over two decades of experience delivering IT solutions to Fortune 100 organizations in the fields of US Goverenment, Airlines, Retail, Education and Financial Services. Mr. Casanova has set out as a goal to establish K2 Solutions Group as the premier IT solutions firm focused on the delivery of value through IT solutions. He chose to do this after a successfully deploying his first CMDB within a multi-national Fortune 25 company and with the anticipated release of his book, "The CMDB Imperative". He believed that there were many companies venturing on the Configuration Managment journey leveraging the CMDB/CMS without a strong leader by their side so he set out to be that partner in their journey. An element to Mr. Casanova's value is the incorporation of simplicity and sustainability into the offerings delivered by K2 Solutions Group, Inc.  He has been an early promoter of the Green Business Maturity Model (GBMM) being developed by the Object Management Group(OMG) and is working to bridge the gap between the itSMF USA Chapter and the OMG by establishing a Special Interest Group within itSMF USA to investigate Sustainable Service Management.



Carlos Casanova, Founder, President and CEO


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Carlos Casanova
Phone: 401-286-4186
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Website: www.k2sg.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 401-286-4186
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