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CarlosCasanova Carlos Casanova is the President & Solutions Architect for K2 Solutions Group, Inc. and the co-author of “The CMDB Imperative: How to realize the dream and avoid the nightmares”. Mr. Casanova delivers executive & practitioner level professional services, training and technology solutions that support the delivery of IT Service Management and Knowledge Management initiatives. He is widely published, an editor and writer for the itSMF USA eJournal and member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Massachusetts College of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has previously held the positions of President New England LIG and President Sustainable 360 SIG for itSMF USA.

Prior to K2 Solutions, Mr. Casanova was a Sr. Enterprise Architect and Director of Configuration Management with MetLife, Inc. where he was the visionary and manager for the first CMDB deployment and subsequently helped design its second generation, enterprise-wide ITSM platform. He is regular speaker at national and international Service Management conferences on Configuration Management/CMDB/CMS and IT Leadership as well as a facilitator/presenter for executive briefings and gatherings. Some of his most recent work has been with a branch of the United States Military as the subject matter expert on Configuration Management.

Mr. Casanova worked in various operational areas during his long tenure at global financial services organizations such as large scale Project Management, IT Risk Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and IT Security.  Prior to his roles in service management and IT Operations, his career included positions as an electronic engineering hardware designer for a military contracting firm, software architect for a software product company, various management/executive consulting engagements, founder of an Object Technology based business process modeling organization and co-founder of an entrepreneurial start-up based on the identification and intelligent analysis of disparate data. This diverse background has provided Mr Casanova with a broad foundation and perspective that enables him to maintain a constant client/end user focus with integrity and objective reasoning at its core.

Below is a listing of some of the more recent roles that Mr. Casanova has performed for his clients and the corresponding industry/sector. Also listed is the Fortune Industry Ranking if applicable.

• Process Adviser ( Change Mgmt, Knowledge Mgmt. & Configuration Mgmt, )
Branch of the US Military

• Senior Adviser ( Service Management / Configuration Management )
Fortune 2011 “Construction & Farm Machinery” Top 5

• Lead Process Designer ( Configuration Management )
Branch of the US Military

• Functional Expert ( Configuration Management / CMDB-CMS )
Fortune 2011 “Food and Drug Retailers” Top 5

• Executive Adviser ( Service Management Strategy / Configuration Management Implementation )
Education & Training Services

• Partner Advisor ( Configuration Management / CMDB-CMS )
Fortune 2011 “Aerospace and Defense” Top 5

• ITAM & Change Management Assessment Advisor
Leading North American retailer

• IT Service Operations Assessment Advisor
International Insurance Corporation

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