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Optimization and Simplicty

The key to clarity and IT Optimization is simplicity.  We see examples of this in our everyday lives in the products we buy and food we eat.  Unfortunately, however our technical environments tend to be so unnecessarily overcomplicated at times that we implement new tools and processes to make sense of the already cluttered data rather than address the root of our problems with simplicity.  Mathematicians and scientists have repeatedly shown that the key to resolving complex problems is to break them down into smaller subsets which can be analyzed on their own with an understanding and relationship to the larger whole.  Studies have even shown that there are repeatable patterns and trends in most complex systems that can be broken down into their parts so that they can be more easily studied and understood.

The growing efforts around "Big Data" and trying to understand it are a perfect example of the downward spiral that companies are in. They continue to churn out more data without knowledge and understanding the of the data they already have. K2 Solutions Group is not a company focused on Big Data however we recognize that there are methods and lessons to be learned from Big Data efforts that are very applicable to the Service Management and more specifically Configuration Management initiatives. This is why we are closely monitoring the advances in this market segment so as to apply what they are learning and developing to initiatives we are involved in with our clients.

K2 Solutions Group believes that many IT organizations are at a critical phase in their maturity life cycle, a phase where individuals can no longer see the trail ahead of them that will lead them up the mountain to achieve their goal.  What they see is just the mountain in front of them and are puzzled as to how they can navigate up it to reach the summit. K2 Solutions Group knows how to reach that summit and more importantly knows how to teach you to reach the summit on your future expeditions.

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